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A Body Sculptor 



I consider myself, to be more of a Body Sculptor, than a Bodybuilder.


Today’s bodybuilder is interested in building the body to the extreme of freakiness…. at any cost.


A Body Sculptor is interested in health and beauty of the physique.


Physiques built along the lines of quality and detail.


A physique of balance and definition.


A Body Sculptor physique does not require drug use.


This type of development, can be obtained naturally, through nutrition and exercise.









I began training in 1977 and

won the "Drug-Free" titles of:

Mr. Louisiana

Mr. Southern States


Mr. Southern World

Power Surge Powerlifting Championships

and many other competitions.



I have also been mentioned or featured in various publications such as:


Fitness News

Steele Jungle

 Muscle Mag International

Iron Man

FLEX Magazine

Muscle Training Illustrated

Powerlifting USA

Sergio Oliva The Myth Book

Natural Champion

Natural Physique

 Drug Free Bodybuilders Book

Muscle, Smoke & Mirrors Book

Various website publications

Television, Newspapers and Radio 

WBBG Board of Governors Committee

Heart of Steel: The Dan Lurie Story

Reflections of a Natural Bodybuilder Book

Building the Body

The Last Drug-Free Bodybuilder




New Book!


Steve has been featured in this new book!


How it all started?


It all started when my mother received her copy of Family Health magazine.


I’d seen musclemen in comic book advertisements, but knowing that comics were just fantasy and not reality, I never really took them seriously, until I saw this particular issue?


What caught my attention was that this was an actual person and real? What attracted me to it was that, it was something different.


It was not a means to become “superior” or superhuman, but being unique… caught my interest to this day!


Team members can let you down, but bodybuilding is an individual sport. YOU have to put in the time training and not someone else.








The worst injury that I ever had was a herniated disc in my lower back!


What a life and game changer.


I had to learn more than I wanted to know about this sort of thing,

but found ways to train around it and move forward.


Getting out of shape is NOT an option.







Have you ever wondered why

 there is so much confusion and debate

 within “Christian” circles and churches?