Classic Anatomy Gym

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Incredible Hulk:


Steve with Lou Ferrigno

Mr. Olympia:



Steve with Phil Heath - Mr. Olympia!


Mr. America Visits!


Mr. America - Richard Baldwin came over to my gym for a workout and a visit!

We had a great time and hope to meet up again in the near future.


New Website!


My friend:

Wilfried Dubbels has a NEW website!

Don't miss this "Classic Physique"!

Wilfried Dubbels:

Doug Brolus:


Recently contacted the legendary Doug Brolus, to induct him into the 2012 Classic Anatomy Gym Bodybuilding Hall of Fame and found him to still be training at the age of 53 and just as passionate as ever, about fitness.


Doug became famous because of his incredible abdominal development, so much so… that many wanted to know his “secrets”, so Doug put together this training booklet and sold many over the years.


What’s amazing is that Doug didn’t have to take any steroids to do so and sold as much, if not more training booklets than others… that did!


In fact, Doug inspired many to start their very own mail order business, because of the production of his legendary booklet.


Doug invites his fans, both past and present, to feel free to contact him at the following address:


Doug Brolus

4842 Bishop Street

Detroit, Michigan 48224

(313) 884-0564


Congratulations Doug! You are a very nice guy and your contribution to the sport and industry is both recognized and appreciated.




Photo Courtesy of  Rich Hogan


Atheist to Believer:

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The Light of the World:


The complete 78-minute film can now be viewed online FREE!